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Our Weapons of Warfare/ 008

Ever wonder why you still go through junk even after you shout into the heavens, break every curse and pray everything you can think of? When you have done all, stand. But

When we go through heartbreak, hard times, testing times, or whatever, we can praise the Lord. Praise changes the atmosphere. Praise overcomes the enemy’s plans and assignments against us. Whoo hoo!! We can have victory in every situation.

I know you’re thinking, “But Kim, I don’t feel like praising God right now.” Of course you don’t. Do you think satan wants you to defeat him? Of course not! You won’t feel like it at times, but just do it by faith and watch what God does, in your heart, in your circumstances, in the atmosphere, and in those around you.

Read Psalm 47 and Psalm 100 today. Read them out loud. Speak into the atmosphere so the devil knows you are living in victory! He hates it when we praise God. It reminds him of the position he lost when he was ministering before the Throne.

Listen to the podcast. We have a segment when we minister to the audience. Even if it is not you specifically, you can receive from it and we pray that it will encourage you to know that God is not a respecter of persons and will do the same for you. If you need prayer, please contact us here on the website or you can email me personally at: We would love to agree with you in prayer and see God give you victory!


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