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Persevering Toward Our Destiny/ 004

Today we talked about perseverance. Oh, I can hear the groans now.

We have had the wrong idea of what perseverance is. We think we have to trudge in the muck and pound the gates of heaven and then, maybe after years of crud, God may answer our prayers or reward us,,, or something. Some of us wonder why we even bother with persevering. “Oh, I guess, it is when Yeshua comes back and He will have our reward with him, right?” This is true, but is this the only reason he died. just for the sweet by and by?

The Word of God says so much more. We have not really understood or taken His word seriously. We just don’t understand how much He really loves us.

My prayer is that today you get a greater revelation of who He is and how much he really loves you.


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