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  Do What You Dream lays out practical steps on how to move into your destiny.  Based on Biblical principles, Do What You Dream will help move you forward from dreaming into doing.  Kim Boleyn's humorous and witty style will encourage you to start making your dreams a reality.  You will easily identify with the challenges that she shares that we all face when we start to live out our dreams.  

   Do What You Dream will help you to think differently so you can "get out of the rut" that many of us have put ourselves in over the course of our lives.  Kim Boleyn will show you that it is possible to move into the destiny that God has for you.

   If you have ever asked, "What am I created for? or "What is my life's purpose?”, then Do What You Dream is the perfect book for you.  Do What You Dream will give you step by step instructions on how to move forward to get the answers you are looking and praying for. Your dreams are calling to you.  

Go out and Do What You Dream!



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